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Posh Pretzels are gourmet, Belgian, French and confectionary hand-crafted, flavored, chocolate covered pretzels beautifully embellished with assorted mouthwatering, delectable toppings. Sweet treats such as our Spoonful of Cookie Dough and Poshmallows have become staples among our esteemed clientele. Each artistic, edible, miniature masterpiece is lovingly made using the finest ingredients and beautifully packaged for a chic, elegant and unforgettable impression.

Posh Pretzels are customizable and versatile in that our sweets are ideal for every event and occasion. Posh Pretzels have made appearances from private functions and corporate events to holiday gifting and television shows. Whether to wish that special someone a Happy Birthday, saying thank you, or “just because”… Posh Pretzels will create the ultimate in gifting.

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